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4th April
Author in the spotlight
John Knowles
'Work in Progress'
for discussion Q & A

18th April 2017
Author discussion
How do we plan our novels/stories.

2nd May 2017
Workshop Rodger Bailey

16th May
Workshop Sharon
Poertry for non-poets.
Bring in something yourself

30th May 2017
Ian Leith
talk and slide show presentation

13th June 2017
Workshop - Morag

27th June 2017
Next program discussion

Happy writing everyone!
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10th Jan. 2017
Special general meeting

24th Jan 2017
Workshop Cath
bring outline of Anthology story
you are considering

7th Feb. 2017
Speaker, Doreen Leith
Stories from Caithness.
Take notes and use as prompt
For story
500 wds

21st Feb 2017
Reading of stories generated by
Doreen's talk
(did you find this helpful)

7th March 2017
Workshop - glyn.
Blogging and update on
sales and marketing

21st March 2017
Ken Crossan
Seal  pup presentation.
Questions and Answers.